Pros and Cons of Solar Roof Tiles

Jan. 07, 2023

Solar roof tiles are solar cells made to look like regular asphalt tiles on your roof. They replace roof tiles, and require no racking, whereas traditional solar panels are installed above your existing roof, usually using racking systems.

One incorporate renewable energy way is using solar roofing tiles. These tiles function like your common roofing tiles but can capture and store energy from the sun using their solar cells. But this is a new emerging technology. What are the pros and cons of using this in your home?

Solar roofing tiles have their fair share of pros and cons. However, since it is a new technology, not many people know about them in detail. 

Here are the things you need to know about solar roofing tiles pro and con:

Pros and Cons of Solar Roof Tiles


Aesthetically Pleasing

Solar roof tiles look far better than typical asphalt roof shingles that are frequently utilized roofing product for homes. The solar roof tiles festinate and also sleek. Your roof will look a great deal cleaner if you make use of solar roof tiles compared to placing external solar panels.

Return on Investment

Gain solar roof tiles gives a harsh plan for the regular return on investment (ROI) of solar panels and also solar energy. Typical is eight years for the "break even" point, after which you are taking pure revenue with your solar roof covering.

Counteract Rising Utility Prices

Rising power manufacturing costs throughout the southeast, as reported by E & E News, can be balanced out by having your own power plant on your Florida residence. As soon as mounted, the solar roof returns value each day, every year.

Renewable, Clean, Efficient Energy

With every kiloWatt of power you eliminate from fossil fuel manufacturing and create with solar, you assist in saving our little spacecraf Earth. Fossil fuels are not eco-friendly. Once extracted and also transformed to heat, power, or one more form of energy, they are gone. Solar energy, by comparison, is abundant, cost-free, and also tidy.

Added Home Value and Curb Appeal

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) claims every buck of cost savings from solar energy adds $20 in residence value. If your solar roof covering saves $200 in reduced energy costs, that is $4,000 in included residence worth.
Solar roof covering has a contemporary, clean design that several buyers locate really eye-catching. This adds visual appeal to your residence, when appropriately set up and maintained.


State you have a lovely vacation home near the furthest spot in Florida (which is Marjory Stoneman Douglas Wilderness, states the BBC). You have no chance of obtaining power lines run to your building.
Go solar! Stay off the grid, keep your environment tidy, and rely on nobody for your energy requires.

Solar Roofing is Quiet

Solar panels hardly hum, so there is much less babble, bang, or crackle like high power lines or standby generators. You can hear yourself believe, listen to the birdsongs, and also delight in a relaxed evening on your patio, screened-in deck, or deck.


Something concerning solar roof tiles that people may not know around is its sturdiness. Although they are made from glass, these tiles are much more durable than other commonly used roofing tiles. Solar roof tiles can hold up against approximately 3 times the tension normal roof tiles could. They can handle hurricane-level winds and also feature a class-3 hail storm rating. In short, they are difficult.

Fire Resistant

The highest possible percentage of solar users in the U.S. reside in western states vulnerable to sunny and also completely dry conditions. Solar roofs are manufactured to meet the greatest fire score of Class A, making the product an excellent choice for fire-prone locations.

Pros and Cons of Solar Roof Tiles


Panels Cost Major Coin

The exact same resource, Energy Sage, secures a Florida 10 kiloWatt system at around $15,400 to $21,420. This may be pricey for some, yet flush-mounted solar roof innovation that supplants-- rather than sitting on-- shingle roof, can lower expenses.

Not Suitable For Everyone

Due to regional problems, microclimates, also residence positioning, solar roof covering might not be for everybody. With solar roof covering pros and cons, this set is least likely to be an issue for Florida homeowners, merely due to our state's bountiful sunshine. A lot sunshine, actually, that we are called The GAIN SOLAR!

Solar Roofing Installers

When you do your internet search for "Solar and also roof business near me," how do you take care of the notorious "no outcomes" reaction from Google? Discovering competent, reliable, local solar roof installers can be hard. 

Weather Dependent

Climate, in addition to improper installation concerns, is not typically an issue in sunshine-wealthy Florida. With lots of consecutive sunny days, Florida rarely has to secure to sustain ice tornados, snow, or extended durations of stark weather.


Storing solar energy has actually constantly been a powerlessness in the system. Battery innovation has actually not kept pace with manufacturing modern technology. We can successfully create a lot of electricity. If not made use of by your home, you can offer it back to your utility, however you may have a great deal of difficulty "storing it" for use in the evening as well as on overcast days.

Unknown Return on Investment

There are numerous variables on which the roi of these tiles depend upon. These include location and climate. Since solar roof tiles call for sunshine, it is much more reliable in position that normally have warm weather condition like Arizona, California, and Nevada. Your house's own inclination to the sun additionally matters a great deal. Given these things, people's ROI on solar roof tiles may vary considerably.

Pros and Cons of Solar Roof Tiles

Are Solar Shingles Right for Your Home?

Many states are needing planetary systems for all brand-new domestic building and construction. Solar shingles are still a fairly brand-new and costly innovation. They are worth considering if you need an overall roof substitute.

Budget: Solar shingles are more expensive.

Location: You cannot adjust the angle of solar shingles, and snow and ice slide off the surface of traditional panels more easily.

Availability: Solar panels are available in most locations, but solar panel manufacturers and installers are more scarce.  

Pros and Cons of Solar Roof Tiles

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