oem bipv solar panel manufacturer

oem bipv solar panel manufacturer

The bipv solar panels provided by Gain Solar can be 100% customized, including color, size, transparency, thickness, texture, and shape, to fully meet your customized needs.

Gain Solar is a an carbon neutral solutions expert company established in 2007, which it is the daugher company of Yingli Group. It can provide the building photovoltaic-integrated (BIPV) green material, we envision a world where solar energy is generated by any surface touched by the sun.

●100% customized

Customized to your customized needs


Customized colors


The largest BIPV glass panel size is 13.5 feet by 6.5 feet.


Customized to your customized needs


custom texture



custom shape

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My installer had calculated much more yield for my solar panels. Is there anything I can do about this?

The yield depends on several factors, including the weather. If your installer has charged you more revenue than is realized in practice, we advise you to contact your installer about this.

How much maintenance do I have to do on my solar panel?

Solar panels require little maintenance. Solar panels last at least 25 years, while the inverter lasts 10-12 years. This inverter will therefore have to be replaced halfway through its use. It is advisable to clean the solar panels once in a while, so that optimal solar energy can be generated.

Can the solar panel be damaged by wind/snow?

Solar panels are well attached to the roof and can take a beating. The panels are so well secured that they can even withstand speeds of up to 150 km/h . Since the surface of the solar panels is very slippery, the snow will slide off in most cases. As a result, the generation of solar energy is often not hindered. An ice layer can form on the solar panel, which will melt away automatically as soon as it stops freezing.

Does it still make sense to take solar panels now that the netting may not take place and something will take its place?

It remains useful to have solar panels installed, despite the fact that the netting scheme changes. If the solar panels are purchased before 2023, you will benefit from the maximum netting percentage (100%) until 2031. After 2023, this percentage will decrease, but it will still be attractive to install solar panels on your roof. This calculation has been worked out here: Solar panels: less netting, yet attractive | Environment Central

oem bipv solar panel manufacturer

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