bipv in china

bipv in china

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BAODING JIASHENG PHOTOVOLTAIC TECHNOLOGY Co.,LTD. (Hereby"GAIN SOLAR"). Founded in 2007, the most promising innovative company in China solar industry. Gain Solar taking the development of low-carbon energy saving as its responsibility, actively participating in the national renewable energy development and emission reduction strategies . 

GAIN SOLAR is the China leading provider of BIPV in China and committed to building a leading brand of high-end photovoltaic green building materials. 

Gain solar has been focusing on the development of "smart buildings" and "smart energy" for more than ten years, and the application life of BIPV products has exceeded 10 years also. Gain Solar has 138 BIPV patents,  more than 100 BIPV subjects. including a 3 MW BIPV case .
Gain Solar can provide professional building energy-saving solutions for global owners based on its whole industry chain. which can provide PV building integration and related projects for governments, enterprises and institutions One-stop service for consulting, design, construction and operation.

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Is it best for me to put solar panels or solar collectors on my roof?

The main difference between solar panels and solar collectors is that solar panels are used to generate electricity using the sun. A solar collector captures the heat from the sun and transfers this heat via a pipe system to a solar boiler. It just depends on what you would like to make more sustainable, the electricity or hot water. You can of course also choose both options.

Can I also store my excess energy production somewhere?

Yes, this is possible, for example, using a home battery. This is a storage place where you can keep your unused generated energy.

How long does a solar panel last?

Most solar panels have a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years-30years.

If I have solar panels installed, can I also use them in the winter?

Solar panels use the light from the sun to produce electricity. Every day it gets light and the sun shines every now and then, so your solar panels also provide energy in the autumn and winter period. In these months, less is generated compared to the spring and summer months.

bipv in china

  • 2021

  • 2020

    Colored BIPV Successfully developed and product released, China Tianjin Keppel Season Scenery World, Hefei Gongjie Office Building.

  • 2019

  • 2017

    China Zero Carbon Development Research Institute, Yuangsheng Power Valley Square, Seoul Noisy Barrier, Langfang Luneng Eco-city Modern Agriculture Park, Jilin Vienna Hotel BIPV.

  • 2016

    China Smart Energy Building,Power Valley Low-Carbon Park (Asia's Largest PV Greenhouse ), Guilinyang National Tropical Agriculture Park.

  • 2015

    China Listed in New Third Board. The starting point of the capital market, is Zhongguancun Fengtai Garden Mancheng Branch Garden Exhibition Center,Toyota Motor PV Carport,Elevator Shaft.

  • 2014

    China  Strategic Emerging Industry--Innovative Application of Smart Energy, Suzhou Baoshide China Headquarters (U.S. LLED-NC Platinum Certification), National Green Building Design Three-Star Certification.

  • 2012

    China  Smart Microgrid Demonstration Project, Zhongxin Tianjin Eco-city Energy Station (National Green Building Design Two-Star Certification), Yuansheng Jiahe Community project.

  • 2009

    Layout in the Green buildings Industry, China Power Valley International Hotel(National first BIPV project),Jinan Garden Expo Park Photovoltaic Application Demonstration Project,Suzhou Xinggang Street Gallery Frame,Guangzhou South Station BIPV Project,Power Valley Convention and Exhibition Center.

  • 2007

    Founded,The earliest BIPV manufacture.
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