Pros of solar roof?

Feb. 10, 2023

Pros of solar roof?

Pros of solar roof

Sustainability and energy independence are becoming more important than ever in the design of a building. Solar roof tile solutions can be adapted to each project according to its power generation needs. It guarantees the durability, protection and energy efficiency of the construction.

In order to combine efficiency with design, this solution is integrated into the roof without compromising on architecture and aesthetics.

How does a Solar Roof work

Advantages of solar roof

How does a Solar Roof work?


How does a Solar Roof work

When sunlight hits the solar roof tiles in your roof, it is absorbed by solar cells, creating a flow of electric current. This direct current (DC) energy is then sent to your solar inverter, which converts it to the alternating current (AC) energy that can power the building.


Advantages of solar roof

1.Green and Sustainable

Solar energy provides an alternative to traditional energy sources that produce harmful emissions such as CO2. Solar tiles do not produce any harmful emissions to produce energy, making them a much more green option than other types of energy.


In addition to this, solar energy is abundant and sustainable. The earth has only a certain amount of fossil fuels, but a near unlimited amount of sunlight, making solar the clear winner in terms of sustainable energy.


2.Saving Energy

Advantages of solar roof

Another benefit to solar roofing is that it is economical. Not only does it lower the cost of your customer’s electricity bill by providing an alternative to mainstream energy sources, it also gives them control over energy prices. Traditional energy prices can change at any moment and have been creeping higher and higher over the last few years. Solar energy, however, allows customers to produce their own energy.


3. Affordable Cost Than Ever

Advantages of solar roof

The cost of solar roofing technology is lower than ever. In fact, the cost of solar roofing has decreased by 70% in the last decade. Behind this price drop are new developments that have made solar technology easier to manufacture and install and they show no signs of stopping.

Considering the payback you get from energy savings and the value it adds to a home, solar roofs more than pay for themselves, making it affordable for the average homeowner in the long run.


4. Shared Solar

Advantages of solar roof

Some homes are not suited for solar roofing technology. But, this doesn’t mean the owners can’t still participate in solar energy. Instead of placing solar tiles on their own home, they can participate in a shared solar program. Shared solar programs, also known as community solar projects or solar gardens, operate similarly to community gardens. Solar tiles are installed on a common property and multiple people and groups benefit from the energy they produce.


5. Durable and Low Maintenance

Durable and Low Maintenance

Solar roof is longevity and low maintenance. Most solar tiles and other solar roof technology last for 25-30 years, which is longer than the typical asphalt shingle roof lifespan of 15-20 years.Solar tiles require very little maintenance, simply needing to be cleaned of dirt and dust two to four times per year. Compared to asphalt shingle roofs, which require removal of moss and algae, replacement of damaged shingles, and resealing, these quick washes are much easier and require significantly less work.


6.Customized Made

Customized Made

Solar roofing technology is the wide range of colors and styles to choose from. It used to mean unappealing bulky blue panels that stuck out like a sore thumb. Now customers can pick from dozens of colors and even different styles to customize their solar roof.


Solar Roof Tiles Supplier

Solar Roof Tiles Supplier


Founded in 2007, the wholly owned by Yingli Group which it is the Tire 1 PV brand in the world. It is a Green Factory and Environmentally Friendly enterprise. Also committed to change of energy structure, provide the protable green energy for all.
As the new design solution makes possible Zero-Energy Buildings or Positive-Energy Buildings, without any compromise on architectural safety and aesthetics.


For more information about the YINGLI solar roof tiles and other applications, welcome to contact us, please visit our website at

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