Baoding Xushui Substation

Installation time: 2022

Installation location: Baoding, Hebei

Installed capacity: 112kW

Installed area: 460m²

Styling advantages:

The facade of this project is equipped with 52kW of Gain Solar's "Black brick" series products. The hidden frame installation is highly integrated with the facade of the house. The shape is harmonious and natural. The surface is as clear and translucent as glass. In technology In terms of aspect, the project uses Gain Solar's Photovoltaic DCDC equipment to balance the load and photovoltaic power generation to ensure stable output of DC busbar voltage.

The total installed capacity of crystalline silicon photovoltaic building materials of this project is 112kW, which provides 103,700 kilowatt-hours of green power to the building every year, saving the use of 41.47 tons of coal fuel, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 103.37 tons, greatly reducing the generation of carbon dust, and laying a solid foundation for improving the atmosphere. It provides a strong guarantee for the tough battle against pollution.

Baoding Xushui Substation

Baoding Xushui Substation