Beijing Sanlitun Adidas Store

Time: 2022

Location: Beijing

Installed capacity: 48kW

Installed area: 480㎡

Project Characteristics:

Photovoltaic + commercial complex demonstration benchmark, classic application of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings. The project is located in the center of Sanlitun, a world-class business district. Gain Solar Colored Glaze replaces the traditional curtain wall structure, with a dark blue appearance that is unified and atmospheric. At the same time, a special three-dimensional structure is formed on the building's facade with a special inclination, highlighting the architectural aesthetics in terms of color and shape; the slope with a certain angle also ensures power generation efficiency .

Energy saving: A total of 48kW crystalline silicon photovoltaic building materials are installed in the building. Based on calculations of daily radiation and power generation efficiency, the building’s average daily power generation is 119 kWh, which can run the 12kW lighting system for 10 hours a day; the annual power generation can reach 43,300 kWh. This is equivalent to an annual reduction of 45.09 tons of carbon dioxide, a reduction of 17.34 tons of greenhouse gases produced by coal combustion, and a reduction of 0.29 tons of dust and 0.38 tons of sulfur dioxide.

Beijing Sanlitun Adidas Store

Beijing Sanlitun Adidas Store