Xiongan State Grid Rongdong Power Supply Service Center

Installation time: 2022

Installation location: Xiongan

Installed capacity: 148kW

Installed area: 326m²

Design Features:

Styling advantages:

As an attraction in the rooftop leisure area, photovoltaic floor tiles look like regular floor tiles, but they actually incorporate photovoltaic power generation technology. Photovoltaic floor tiles use photovoltaic power generation to drive the floor tiles to emit light, and adopt a foot-sensor design. Each time you step on the floor, it will display different colors of light, which not only decorates the night view of the building, but also greatly enhances the fun of the leisure area. Viewed from the air, the photovoltaic products laid on the top floor shine under the sunlight. They convert light energy into electrical energy and provide green power support for the operation of the building's equipment.

energy saving effect:

The average annual power generation is 160,500 kilowatt-hours, which can save 160 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon emissions by 136.9 tons. The system can also operate safely off the grid for 4 hours.

In addition, the building also adopts a low-voltage DC microgrid construction plan, which effectively reduces the loss caused by long-distance transmission of photovoltaic power generation through the power grid. The technologically advanced DC lighting application has reduced the power loss of the entire lighting system by 15%.

Xiongan State Grid Rongdong Power Supply Service Center

Xiongan State Grid Rongdong Power Supply Service Center