Solar Carport +EV Charger

The Solar Carport +EV Charger has almost no geographical restrictions and is easy to install.

With good heat absorption, it can absorb heat for the car and create a cool environment. Compared with ordinary car sheds, it can solve the problem of high temperature in the car in summer.

The cost is low, making full use of the original site, and there is no need to occupy additional land resources.

Use solar energy to create clean and green electric energy for charging electric vehicles and new energy vehicles, power for enterprises, and even sell excess electricity to make money.

GAIN SOLAR can provide specification or customized solar panels in the construction of solar carports, participate in the design of building aesthetics, power control intelligent system and complete technical support and after-sale processing.

Our solar panels are different from the traditional black color and are available in a variety of patterns and shapes to help you create the perfect parking lot.

With stable power generation capacity and the ability to cope with bad weather, they can work stably even in rain, snow, windy weather, low temperature and hail. Click here to view the specific parameters and performance of our solar panels.

As a solar panel manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with high quality products and high level of service, contributing to the global green ecology, low carbon and environmental protection. If you have solar panels, solar roof tiles or BIPV needs, please feel free to contact us!

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