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As a renewable energy specialist and solar developer, Gainsolar has developed a complete range of pv carports specifically for solar applications.

Solar carports are becoming increasingly popular in the renewable energy sector and many solar integrators are already using solar carport products as part of utility or commercial scale projects.

Solar carports allow you to make the most of large car parks to generate electricity, while providing shaded or covered parking for everyday users.

By focusing on car park and driving area coverage, Gain solar can simplify your carport project by configuring one of our solar carport styles, or provide design services to develop a bespoke solar carport solution for your next renewable energy project.

Advantages of solar carports

Weather protection for your vehicle

Pleasing to the eye

Range of bespoke designs

Integration of electronic charging facilities

Optimised use of available surfaces

Independence from electricity prices

Long-term contribution to energy turnover

Solar carports offer a simplified and economical alternative to complex and expensive roof mounted systems.

Solar carports use existing parking areas to generate electricity without sacrificing valuable real estate.

By utilising the parking area in addition to the existing building roof, solar carports can significantly increase the overall energy yield of a solar project.

Permanent solar latticework and solar carport systems require little maintenance and panels can be easily accessed for servicing and repairs.

Solar carports provide shaded or covered parking for cars.

Quick and easy installation, installed in a few days, highly efficient Removable and environmentally friendly compared to existing solutions

Full pricing depends on the size of the project and the customer's specifications

Wiring: depending on the requirements and size of the project

PV delivery according to the highest PV standards or customer requirements

Why choose a solar carport?

If the roof of your existing building does not meet the structural requirements for the installation of a PV system or if a PV system is already installed, a PV carport can prove to be a popular alternative or as an additional surface for PV.

You can simply use your company's car park. Solar carports can transform these areas so that they not only generate sustainable energy but also add value for your employees and customers. The roof of the carport protects vehicles from the weather, while the energy generated by the solar modules can be used for electric transport infrastructure.

As policy develops into climate protection action, we are seeing more and more planning authorities insisting on the installation of photovoltaics on new buildings. For example, from 1 January 2022, applications for new non-residential buildings or new car parks with more than 75 parking spaces in the German state of Baden-Württemberg will have to include the installation of photovoltaic systems.

Design possibilities for solar carports

Because our carports can be customised to meet your specific needs, we can offer the right solution for every parking facility. We have a variety of ways to implement photovoltaics to ensure that almost every parking space can be a source of sustainable energy. In the case of large car parks, the modular design of our carports allows them to be built in any arrangement and linked together to suit the site.

Suitable for parking areas in any orientation (single pitch, Y-shaped roof, etc.

One or more rows

High headroom designs available (for trucks, commercial vehicles, etc.

Electronic charging infrastructure can be integrated

Additional options (integrated lighting, rainwater drainage, etc.

PV carports for industry, trade & commerce are sustainable solutions for large-scale car park roofing. Plan solar parking areas with Gain solar!

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