Nantong photovoltaic smart lighting roof project

Installation time: 2022

Installation location: Nantong, Jiangsu

Installed capacity: 43kW

Installed area: 460m²

Design Features:

Styling advantages:

This project uses the latest "Crystal clear" series with high light transmittance.  This is also the first application of "Crystal clear" in lighting roofs.  The rhythmic black cell lines are like strings, giving the building balance While being aesthetically pleasing, it also ensures ultra-high light transmittance.  The 40% light transmittance fully meets the lighting needs of the building and saves daily energy consumption;  high-efficiency crystalline silicon power generation technology provides more clean energy for the building.  This project provides a reference for more factories to carry out green, intelligent and low-carbon transformation.  The project has an installed capacity of 43 kilowatts and an installed area of 460 square meters.  The product’s light transmittance is as high as 40%.  It is estimated that the annual power generation will be about 45,000 kwh and the annual carbon reduction will be 43.8 tons.

Nantong photovoltaic smart lighting roof project

Nantong photovoltaic smart lighting roof project