Solar Curtain Wall

BIPV is the way in which architecture and photovoltaic solar energy can be combined to create a new form of architecture.

Curtain walls are becoming a popular application for photovoltaic glass in buildings. They allow for owners to generate power from areas of the building they had never thought of. Buildings become a real power plant, keeping their design appeal, aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality.

The BIPV solar curtain wall offers architects a variety of possibilities for integrating photovoltaic solar energy into buildings in an efficient and ecological way.

The solar curtain wall offers a versatile solution that not only generates clean and free energy in situ but also provides natural lighting, and solar control through filtering effects and avoids infrared and ultraviolet radiation into the interior (improving thermal comfort and avoiding interior aging).

The wide variety of forms, structures, and colors of transparent photovoltaic glass, combined with aluminum frames, offers architects the freedom to be creative, allowing them to create elegant, efficient and energy-saving designs.

Gain Solar can customize PV glass to provide different sizes, colors, and transparency. These characteristics mean that it is the ideal material for use as a solar curtain wall installation.

The solar curtain wall is a great way to bring natural light into a room without being affected by the natural elements. All Curtain walls manufactured by Gain Solar are made from durable architectural tempered glass. 

The benefit of good quality photovoltaic glass curtain walls is that they require less maintenance. Photovoltaic glass is insulated against heat, wind and water, fire and lightning resistant to impact, lightweight and long-lasting, with low roof maintenance costs. All Gain Solar curtain wall frames are customized to meet the exact dimensions of your opening while providing a full chain, one-stop service for the development, design, production, installation, operation and maintenance of the curtain wall you need.



Commercial Solar Curtain Walls are usually designed, engineered and installed by Gain Solar as storefronts. Curtain walls can be used for almost any type of business. 

Solar curtain wall systems can be added to the exterior of a building or used for internal divisions between departments or as office walls. 


Glass corridors are a unique option and can be built to achieve an open office look. 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall also saves building materials; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall provides direct lighting; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall acts as an insulator; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall has a long service life; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall has a high degree of safety with clear forces; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall is earthquake-proof; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall keeps out water; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall is quick to install; 

Commercial Solar Curtain Wall is easy to maintain.


In residential applications, Residential Solar Curtain Wall can be used for facades that showcase beautiful views, internal partitions between rooms and secondary structures such as pool rooms or garden sheds. The common areas of the home are ideal for curtain walls. 


Residential Solar Curtain Walls can also save on building materials; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls provide direct lighting; act as insulation; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls have a long life; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls are clear and safe in force; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls are earthquake-proof; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls keep out water; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls are quick to install; 

Residential Solar Curtain Walls are easy to maintain.

custom options

Glass options

Your Solar Curtain Wall is available in a variety of glazing options. Tints are a popular choice as they limit the penetration of UV rays, thus reducing fading of furniture, curtains and worktops. Photovoltaic glass options are also energy efficient and greatly help to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature in the room. 

Photovoltaic glass is used in Solar Curtain Wall to provide clean lines and a modern look. Several different color thicknesses are available.

Decorative elements

Decorative glazing options are available for unique situations where the end user needs to create privacy from an adjoining room, such as internal partial partitions. Architectural aesthetics, surface colour patterns can be added to the curtain wall to meet specific design requirements. Decorative elements are often added to curtain walls and grid work can be used to add architectural interest and to match the glass panels to the rest of the existing home.

Energy savings

Solar module material replaces traditional building elements; is aesthetically pleasing; provides electrical energy; has a low overall cost; saves on building materials; provides direct lighting; acts as an insulator; has strong service life; clear and safe forces; earthquake resistant; water barrier; quick to install; easy to maintain

Customized designs

Each Gain Solar Solar Curtain Wall system is customized to suit your project needs and preferences. Our team of engineering experts are at your service.

What Gain Solar can provide

Sustainable products

Gain Solar's products offer excellent thermal performance, durability, green framing and sustainable materials, making them a great choice for your next project.

Low cost

Lower prices than BAPV, policy subsidies, lower costs compared to conventional roofs (combined with average electricity costs), energy storage features. Providing a one-stop energy solution


Once the design is complete and you have received the goods, Gain Solar or one of our certified installers can complete the installation of the curtain wall. Depending on the scope of your project, 'do-it-yourself' installation kits are also available for those who wish to purchase factory direct and then complete the installation of the facade themselves.


Gain Solar BIPV products include solar facades, solar glass, solar roof tile, siding, greenhouses, railings, and more. These systems have frameless modules, hidden mounting, homogeneous surfaces, and can feature the appearance of any material or colour. Challenge us!


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