Wuxi Baotong Technology Headquarters Building

Time: 2022

Location: Wuxi

Installed capacity: 41kW

Installed area: 470㎡

Project Characteristics:

Two BIPV application forms, photovoltaic + window wall and photovoltaic + sunshade, are designed and applied on the south facade. In the project, the photovoltaic + window wall uses 235 pieces of Colored Glaze·Crystal Clear  series products, and the photovoltaic + sunshade uses 430 pcs customized sunshade products. The installation capacity is 41kW and the installation area is about 470 square meters. While not changing the exterior wall of the building, it ensures the power generation rate and plays the role of thermal insulation, energy saving and sun shading. At the same time, the different arrangement specifications and the unique appearance of the Colored Glaze·Crystal Clear  series products make the building more aesthetic. The overall design takes into account good power generation performance, decorative performance, thermal insulation performance, and shading performance, achieving the perfect combination of photovoltaics and architecture.

Energy Saving :

A total of 41kW photovoltaic building materials are installed in the building, which can provide the building with about 26,000 kWh of green electricity every year, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 25.92 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 0.78 tons, and dust reduction by 7.07 tons.

Wuxi Baotong Technology Headquarters Building

Wuxi Baotong Technology Headquarters Building