TusDesign Building

time: 2023

Product: Colored Glaze-Colorful


Capacity:156.8kw 150KW Colored Glaze-Crystle Clear+6.8kw  Colored Glaze-Colorful


Project Characteristics: 

It is the first BIPV project in Jiangsu that integrates Jiangsu-style culture and modern ecology, and is a national-level high-quality demonstration benchmark building. Tus-Design Building is located in the Jinji Lake East CBD area of Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, with a total construction area of approximately 78,000 square meters. The project integrates low-carbon technologies such as BIPV. In order to meet the demand for high-transparency daylighting roofs, Yingli Gain Solar installed 6+6mm "Colored Glaze-Crystle Clear" series photovoltaic green building materials on the building's daylighting roofs to replace traditional building materials (installed capacity 150kw, annual power generation 15.6 0,000 degrees); at the same time, 5+5mm green "Colored Glaze-Colorful" series photovoltaic green building materials (installed capacity 6.8kw, annual power generation 4300 kWh) are installed on the basketball court to create a vivid colorful facade. The building organically combines low-carbon energy-saving technology with architectural aesthetics and building functions, and gives full play to its green resource integration capabilities in green building materials and other aspects.

With its open landscape perspective, rhythmic creative space, and vertical sky courtyard concept, Tus-Design Building inherits Suzhou-style culture and integrates Suzhou traditional culture and modern ecological space. It has won three-star green buildings and LEED CS gold awards. It is A national-level high-quality demonstration benchmark building that integrates green, healthy and smart technologies is a high-quality green building demonstration project in Jiangsu Province and a leading benchmark for the headquarters of domestic A-share listed companies.

Energy-saving effect: The building is equipped with a total of 156.8kW photovoltaic green building materials. Based on daily radiation and power generation efficiency, it can generate 439 degrees of electricity per day, which can supply the 11kW smart large screen system to operate for 8 hours a day, and the 7kW lighting system to operate 24 hours a day; every year It provided 160,300 kilowatt-hours of green electricity for the building, reducing 64.12 tons of greenhouse gases produced by coal combustion, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 132.73 tons.

TusDesign Building

TusDesign Building