Shanxi Smart Green Building Demonstration Project

Installation time: 2022

Installation location: Shanxi

Installed capacity: 77kW

Installed area: 530m²

Design Features:

Styling advantages:

As an auxiliary building of the office building, this building integrates catering and activities. It chose Gain Solar's product "Colored glaze", adhering to the core concept of "green travel, low-carbon building", using light storage direct-flexible technology to integrate photovoltaic The combination of four technologies: power generation, distributed energy storage, DC building and flexible control systems achieves building energy conservation. The light storage direct-flexible system design solution provided by Gain Solar for the building enables the building to realize self-regulation and independent optimization of the building's electricity consumption through the use of a flexible electricity-using building management system, providing lighting for the underground parking lot and reducing energy consumption. Loss, realizing the integration of photovoltaic power generation and smart grid technology, better embodying the green and low-carbon concept.

energy saving effect:

A total of 77kW photovoltaic building materials are installed in the building, with an installed area of 530 square meters. The annual power generation can reach 79,000 kWh, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of 78.95 tons of carbon dioxide, a reduction of 31.68 tons of greenhouse gases produced by coal combustion, and a reduction of 21.54 tons of dust and 2.38 tons of sulfur dioxide.

Shanxi Smart Green Building Demonstration Project

Shanxi Smart Green Building Demonstration Project