Wuxi International Convention Center

Installation time: 2022

Installation location: Wuxi

Installed capacity: 481kW

Installed area: 4861m²

Design Features:

Styling advantages:

Wuxi International Conference Center is the first professional conference center BIPV project in Jiangsu.

Inspired by Taihu stones, the designer took the lighting needs into consideration and used Gain Solar's "Crystal clear" product on the roof lighting roof. The transparent and smooth space and continuous green electricity show the beauty of the building. The unique appearance of "Crystal clear" meets the aesthetic performance of the building, and it also has the effect of energy saving, emission reduction and energy consumption reduction. This not only allows all indoor spaces to receive daylight, but also enables the building to achieve green and energy-saving construction purposes, saving 20% energy than similar convention and exhibition centers.

energy saving effect:

According to statistics, the Wuxi International Conference Center has a total installed area of 4,861 square meters and a total installed capacity of 481KW. Based on the daily radiation and power generation efficiency, it is estimated that the conference center can generate 1,321 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, which can supply 55KW power systems (air conditioners, bathrooms, refrigerators, lighting, etc.) for 24 hours of operation per day. It is estimated that the building can generate 482,000 kilowatt-hours of green electricity every year, reducing greenhouse gases produced by 192.8 tons of coal combustion, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 501.2 tons, dust emissions by 3.3 tons, and sulfur dioxide emissions by 4.2 tons.

Wuxi International Convention Center

Wuxi International Convention Center