Panzhihua Zero-carbon Town

Installation time: 2022

Installation location: Sahala Village, Sichuan

Installed capacity: 46.9kW

Installed area: 343.48㎡

Design Features:

Styling advantages:

This project is one of the first zero-carbon village pilot projects with national demonstration significance. Gain Solar's solar roof tile series is applied to the roof. It is designed and installed integrated with the roof, showing a uniform cyan color and light-colored walls. The contrast creates a leisurely mood of white walls and black tiles; at the same time, under the sunlight, the pear-shaped texture on the surface of the photovoltaic tiles is highlighted, making the building roof not monotonous and reducing light pollution. A total of 680 solar roof tiles are installed in the building, with a total installed capacity of 46.9kW and an annual power generation of 67,862 kWh, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 67.66 tons and reducing dust emissions by 18.46 tons.

Panzhihua Zero-carbon Town

Panzhihua Zero-carbon Town