Tibet Songtsen Basongtso Lingka

Time: 2023

Location: Tibet

Capacity: 841.81kW                                                                                       

Installed area:6931㎡

Project Characteristics: 

Songtsam's first green and low-carbon hotel at an altitude of 3,000 meters. In order to promote the green, low-carbon and circular development of rural areas, Songtsam Group introduced Yingli Gain Solar standardized photovoltaic roof tiles and adopted Siemens Energy's low-carbon energy system solutions to design the roof into a structure with a short north slope and a long south slope to maximize the Use solar energy to generate electricity. The product's high flexibility can resist base deformation and cover minor cracks, making it suitable for areas with extreme weather, sufficient sunshine, and strong ultraviolet penetration. At the same time, the standardized size of 1197*397 also avoids the transportation problems caused by large-sized building materials and ensures the smooth progress of construction.

Energy saving effect: Songtsan Basongtso Linka has a total installed area of 6931 square meters and a total installed capacity of 841.81KW. Based on the daily radiation and power generation efficiency, it is estimated that the hotel can generate 3123 kWh of electricity every day, supplying 122 rooms with a total of 512.4KW. The electricity system (air conditioning, bathroom, refrigerator, lighting, etc.) operates for 6 hours a day, and the living room and restaurant total 100KW. The DC lighting system operates 24 hours a day and is expected to replace approximately 1 million kilowatt-hours of traditional energy consumption on average annually, equivalently reducing emissions by approximately 1,080 tons of carbon dioxide.

Tibet Songtsen Basongtso Lingka

Tibet Songtsen Basongtso Lingka