CCCC Qiyuan Xiongan Exhibition Hall

Time: 2022

Location: Xiongan, Hebei

Installed capacity: 35kW

Installed area: 380㎡

Project Characteristics:

Photovoltaic skylighting roo+ roof green plants create the fifth facade aesthetics of the building "growing towards the sun". The unique customized light transmittance of theColored Glaze·Crystal Clear series not only meets the light needs of plant growth, but also takes into account the power generation performance. At the same time, it achieves comprehensive functions such as sun and rain protection, energy saving and emission reduction, clean power generation, and beautification of the roof, maximizing the use of roof space resources. . The building also uses a microgrid energy storage system and DC microgrid technology. The green electricity from the photovoltaic skylighting can power the building's night lighting through energy storage and DC technology, reducing building energy consumption and also providing green and low-carbon lighting for the city's night scene. 

Energy Saving:

A total of 35kW photovoltaic building materials are installed in the building, with an annual power generation of up to 30,000 kWh, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of 29.91 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, 0.9 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, and 8.16 tons of dust.

CCCC Qiyuan Xiongan Exhibition Hall

CCCC Qiyuan Xiongan Exhibition Hall