Tianhan Grand Theater

Time: 2022

Location: Shaanxi Hanzhong

Installed capacity: 291.26kW

Installed area: 2492.9㎡

Project Characteristics:

The design concept of the entire building originated from the "Book Slips" of the Han Dynasty. After being turned over, it formed a huge Möbius strip with a diameter of 180 meters, on which there is a steel structure ring corridor for tourists to walk. 291.26kW Colored Glaze·Crystal Clear from Gain Solar is laid on the top of the circular corridor, with an annual power generation of more than 240,000 kWh. It not only meets the requirements of the green two-star building standard, but also reduces the energy consumption of the entire building, perfectly interpreting the Han style. While retaining its ancient charm, it has achieved green and low-carbon development.

Energy saving:

A total of 291.26kW is installed in the building, and the annual power generation can reach 246,600 kWh, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of 212.28 tons of carbon dioxide, 85.28 tons of greenhouse gases produced by coal combustion, and a reduction of 58 tons of dust and 6.4 tons of sulfur dioxide. 

Tianhan Grand Theater

Tianhan Grand Theater