Jiangsu Sheyang Port Zero Carbon Industrial Park


time: 2023

Product: Black Brick

Capacity:30kW pv green building materials+1.2kW solar flowers*2+90W solar seats*4


Project Characteristics: 

The first all-green electricity and zero-carbon demonstration park in the Yangtze River Delta. Relying on abundant solar energy resources, the zero-carbon park uses the integrated control of "source, grid, load and storage" to build a "zero-carbon" ecosystem that is safe and controllable, efficient in energy use, and diversified energy storage. The buildings in the park are not only equipped with Yingli Gain Solar The imitation aluminum plate photovoltaic green building material "Black Brick " makes the building color and appearance uniform. Zero-carbon products such as solar flowers and solar seats are also introduced to deeply integrate the zero-carbon concept into the "blood" of the park.

Energy saving effect: The building is equipped with a total of 30kW photovoltaic green building materials. Based on calculations of daily radiation and power generation efficiency, it can generate 92 degrees of electricity per day, which can run the 30kW energy control platform for 2 hours a day and the 4kW lighting system 24 hours a day; every year The building provides 33,400 kilowatt-hours of green electricity, reducing greenhouse gases produced by 13.36 tons of coal combustion, which is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 11.06 tons and reducing sulfur dioxide by 0.4 tons.

Jiangsu Sheyang Port Zero Carbon Industrial Park

Jiangsu Sheyang Port Zero Carbon Industrial Park