Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center Phase II

Time: 2023

Product:Colored Glaze-Colorful

Location: Guangzhou

Capacity: 261kW                                                                                        

Installed area:5000㎡

Project Characteristics: 

The first Lingnan garden-style BIM zero-carbon international conference center in China. Lingnan garden culture integrates Yingli Jiasheng BIPV system solutions, integrating photovoltaic power generation technology and Cantonese charm into the building. Modern interpretation and clever layout are carried out to form a garden-style international conference center with a new era architectural style. The 6mm-thick "Colored Glaze-Colorful" can be customized, using PVB film, which meets the double certification of the photovoltaic + construction industry in terms of fire protection and other safety properties. There is a 100mm cavity between the components and the roof. The special structural design enables air flow to form convection, which significantly reduces the heat transmitted to the building interior by more than 20%. The special slotted node design, "U"-shaped wiring method and optimal string design are used to reduce cable losses and avoid secondary wiring problems during the construction process.

Energy-saving effect: Calculated based on daily radiation and power generation efficiency, the building's average daily power generation can reach 729 degrees, including a 6kW intelligent lighting control system, a 10kW automatic fire alarm and fire linkage control system, a 7kW audio broadcast system, and a 7kW multi-function conference system. Provide all-weather power supply; the annual power generation is 266,000 kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to an annual reduction of 220.46 tons of carbon dioxide, a reduction of 106.5 tons of greenhouse gases generated by coal combustion, and a reduction of 72.42 tons of dust and 7.99 tons of sulfur dioxide.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center Phase II

Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center Phase II