best solar roof tiles

best solar roof tiles

Top 15 Solar Roof Tiles of 2023

What Are Solar Shingles?
Solar shingles, or solar roof tiles, are made of slim photovoltaic (PV) sheets that either overlay or change the existing shingles on a roof. They absorb sunlight and transform it into electricity. By depending on this approach of energy as opposed to electrical energy, for example, property owners will certainly conserve money on monthly costs as well as at some point recoup their preliminary investments.

We now list 15 of the UK’s leading solar roof manufacturers for 2023 for you to choose from


Baoding Jiasheng Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

GAIN SOLAR is a leading manufacturer in China specializing in the production of solar shingles. We produce crystalline silicon photovoltaic roofing tiles for buildings to increase the efficiency and resilience of the tile output. Not only do we produce the tiles, but the company also manages every step of the process from design to installation, providing you with professional installation guidelines. These shingles have an attractive texture and their continuous power output is guaranteed. Replace your existing roof with a solar roof with identical monocrystalline solar and non-solar shingles. These shingles are made from tempered glass and come with a 15 year limited warranty. These shingles have TUV certification, carbon footprint certification, ClassA fire rating, as well as CCC, Green Building Material Certification, EN13501 and Green Building Material Rating certification in terms of building material quality to ensure energy output while keeping solar shingles green

2. Tesla

best solar roof tiles

This well-known technology brand also manufactures solar shingles. Tesla shingles are made from quartz, which improves their efficiency and resilience. Not only does Tesla create the shingles, but the company also manages every step of the process, from design to installation, which includes the removal of the current roof, if applicable. These shingles come in attractive textures, and they come with a 30-year power output warranty. An app allows you to monitor your shingles’ energy levels at a glance.

About: The Tesla solar roof replaces your existing roof with identical monocrystalline solar and non-solar tiles. The tiles are made of tempered glass and claim to be “three times stronger than standard roofing tiles,” and are equipped with a 25-year limited warranty. These shingles have an ASTM D3161 Class F wind rating, which means they can withstand winds up to 110 mph. The Tesla solar roof also has a Class A fire rating, which means they are least likely to spread fire rapidly (similar to standard home-building materials). 


best solar roof tiles

CertainTeed solar shingles are created with the same monocrystalline technology used for solar panels. There are two designs, one that coordinates with concrete tile roofs and another that matches with asphalt.

About: The CertainTeed Solstice solar shingles come in a stock size of 14 all-black monocrystalline cells (70 watts per shingle) with a standard 25-year limited-power warranty. The shingles are positioned on an existing roof and include water channels to guard against leaks. CertainTeed solar products only work with asphalt shingle roofs, so owners of wood, metal, or tile roofs may want to look elsewhere. The installation warranty length depends on the CertainTeed-credentialed installer’s rank, as outlined in the warranty section of the Solstice shingle spec sheet. 


best solar roof tiles

SunTegra is another option for those looking for a more budget-friendly option in solar roofing. Its simple, lightweight configuration reduces the time it takes to install and integrates well with either asphalt or concrete roofs.

About: SunTegra Solar Tiles are installed without racking for a sleek appearance on your roof. The tile’s lightweight design needs 50% fewer parts than conventional solar, is installed quickly, and may let you avoid extra building permits. These solar roof shingles have a 25-year limited power and a 10-year limited product warranty. 

5. Luma

best solar roof tiles

Luma solar shingles are different from others on the market in terms of their high efficiency (21%) and durability—they can withstand Category 5 hurricanes. They are also billed as the only solar shingle that can be upgraded, which is a great feature to have as the technology improves.

Where to buy: Submit a request for Luma solar shingles on the company website. 

About: Luma solar roof is a solar shingle option equipped with a power inverter for mobile app energy consumption monitoring. Luma’s solar shingles have the highest wattage of those included on our list at 80 watts per shingle. The shingles can withstand high winds, including hurricane-force gusts. Luma shingles have a 25-year limited power warranty and a 5-year limited product warranty. Review the full Luma Solar spec sheet for more details. 

6. Timberline Solar by GAF Energy

best solar roof tiles

About: Timberline Solar shingles are available solar energy shingle designed for fast installation. Like the Tesla solar roof, the Timberline shingle replaces your roof. Therefore, the overall price is higher since you get two products: a new roof and solar technology. These waterproof shingles are the largest single-unit shingle and can withstand winds up to 110 mph. Timberline Solar shingles come with a 25-year warranty. 

7. XO Edge


London-based XO Edge says it can install its sleek-looking black and silver tiles on your roof within eight weeks of purchase.

Each tile only generates 12 W, which means you'll need around 13 tiles per square metre – though at just 1.4 kg each, they're very light.

XO Edge hasn't yet responded to our enquiry about price information, but we'll update as soon as it does.

8. Marley SolarTile


Marley describes its product as a tile, but it's really just a solar panel that's completely integrated with your roof, so it's flush with your roof tiles.

Each 'tile' generates 335 W at an efficiency of 20.7%, making it a decent but average solar panel.

The company offers a 15-year product warranty, which isn't bad, and a 25-year performance warranty that also isn't pulling up any trees.

If you desperately want panels to be inserted into part of your roof in place of tiles, choose Marley.

9. Solecco

best solar roof tiles

Solecco tiles may be a good alternative to waiting for Tesla, as they offer attractive black or terracotta roof options. We are still waiting to get pricing and availability information from Solecco.

10.GB-SOL solar tiles

best solar roof tiles

GB-SOL, located in Pontypridd, Wales, sells solar tiles in just the one style – “natural blue” slate, to complement a slate roof.

They’re lighter than traditional tiles (just 3.5kg per slate), which means you could replace your roof without having to strengthen your property’s structure.

A GB-SOL solar slate can generate 28 W of power, and has a 25-year warranty on the product, its solar performance, and its weatherproofing abilities.

The tiles sell for £294 per square metre, which adds up to £8,449 for a 4 kW system – though that's without installation, which will typically add another £2,200. That means you'll pay a total cost of £10,649.

11. Solecco Solar

best solar roof tiles

Solecco Solar, based in Leeds, manufactures and sells solar tiles for £3000/kW, which means that a 4 kW system will cost you £12,000.

It also usually costs an additional £1,000 to have the tiles installed, according to the company.

Though its product is more expensive than some, Solecco Solar does offer tiles in eight different colours, from smooth grey to terracotta and old English dark red.

And if you don't need or want to buy solar tiles to cover your whole roof, you can purchase the company's identical (and cheaper) non-solar tiles to make up the difference.

12. Solarcentury solar tiles

best solar roof tiles

This one’s nothing more than a history lesson. The UK-based Solarcentury used to sell solar tiles (the C21e range), but these have since been discontinued. Instead, the company now produces integrated solar panels – the Sunstation Roof-integrated+ – which aren’t quite as subtle as solar tiles, but still sit more seamlessly on your roof than standard solar panels.

For more information about manufacturers around the world who have their own solar tiles on the way, check out this from Ars Technica.

13. Solar X

best solar roof tiles

Solar X is a private solar installation contractor that specializes in residential and commercial solar systems that are both visually pleasing and long-lasting.

They use technology to provide a non-pressure sales process and work with a network of solar consultants to educate clients on local solar programs.

14. Monier

best solar roof tiles

Monier is an Australian-based roofing company that specializes in providing innovative solar roofing solutions. They pride themselves on using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to deliver durable and efficient products that are backed by a 25-year warranty.

15. Tractile

best solar roof tiles

Tractile is an Australian-based company that designs and manufactures a unique and innovative combined solar thermal tile system for roofs that can withstand Australia’s extreme conditions. Their solar tiles are robust and engineered to withstand winds of up to 266 km/h, boasting a fire rating of BAL-40 and shatter resistance that can withstand 65 mm hail.

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Can the roof of my house collapse by installing a solar energy installation?

Before you decide to have a solar energy installation installed, it is wise to have a constructor assess whether your roof is strong enough to install a solar energy installation.

Can the solar panel be damaged by wind/snow?

Solar panels are well attached to the roof and can take a beating. The panels are so well secured that they can even withstand speeds of up to 150 km/h . Since the surface of the solar panels is very slippery, the snow will slide off in most cases. As a result, the generation of solar energy is often not hindered. An ice layer can form on the solar panel, which will melt away automatically as soon as it stops freezing.

Is solar energy easy to combine with other forms of energy?

If you don't produce enough solar energy to meet your own energy consumption, you can use fossil fuels to make up for the rest (unless, of course, you buy green energy from your energy supplier). The costs for this energy are on your energy bill.

How much maintenance do I have to do on my solar panel?

Solar panels require little maintenance. Solar panels last at least 25 years, while the inverter lasts 10-12 years. This inverter will therefore have to be replaced halfway through its use. It is advisable to clean the solar panels once in a while, so that optimal solar energy can be generated.

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