solar roof tiles melbourne

solar roof tiles melbourne

Solar shingles are a relatively new concept, but solar panels have been used effectively for decades - solar shingles are a unique energy solution for any home.

Solar roof tiles work like traditional solar panels, using solar energy as a conductor of electricity to create and c store power. These tiles replace ordinary tiles and blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of your property without compromising the structural integrity of your home's roof.

GAIN SOLAR offers Monier SolarTiles roofs which, thanks to their modular system, can be installed in small or large sections according to your preference. If you are in Mexico, choose GAIN SOLAR high-quality solar tiles with a 25-year warranty, which are both beautiful and environmentally friendly!


Solar Roof Tiles that keep their shape: roof tiles that won't warp, twist, fly off, bend or rust.

Solar Roof Tiles that are perfect for insulation: roof tiles will keep your energy costs low as they go a long way to protecting your home's temperature from external temperature extremes.

Solar Roof Tiles Resistant to snow, ice and frost: roof tiles will not crack in extreme temperatures. Whether a cold morning turns into a hot day or vice versa, tiles are durable and resilient. They are more resistant to cyclonic winds than solar panels, and in our strength and impact tests for hail damage.

Solar Roof Tiles Resistant to corrosion and marine air: many building materials are not adapted to the harsh coastal environment. Salt/sea air is highly destructive and corrosive to metals; roof tiles are far more resilient to this environment and therefore cost effective.

Concrete Solar Roof Tiles colours are durable: concrete roof tiles do not fade. They will retain their colour, but other elements (such as caused by birds etc.) will require cleaning and maintenance.

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What happens if I generate more solar power than I use?

If you generate more than you consume, you can feed it back to the electricity grid, for which you receive a compensation. This makes the netting arrangement in the Netherlands possible.

Is it best for me to put solar panels or solar collectors on my roof?

The main difference between solar panels and solar collectors is that solar panels are used to generate electricity using the sun. A solar collector captures the heat from the sun and transfers this heat via a pipe system to a solar boiler. It just depends on what you would like to make more sustainable, the electricity or hot water. You can of course also choose both options.

How long does a solar panel last?

Most solar panels have a guaranteed lifespan of 25 years-30years.

If I have solar panels installed, can I also use them in the winter?

Solar panels use the light from the sun to produce electricity. Every day it gets light and the sun shines every now and then, so your solar panels also provide energy in the autumn and winter period. In these months, less is generated compared to the spring and summer months.

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